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Though their lowest-charting album at the time, spending only one week in the UK charts, Red has received significant critical acclaim. EG , the band's management, urged Fripp not to tell Cross until after the final date of the tour, but he would not be able to anyway; he would not return from the United States until after Cross would return to Europe.

Fripp reached an agreement with EG that they would tell Cross, "on proviso that [he] is told that I objected to not telling him personally.

Red sees King Crimson follow in the direction established by their previous two albums, Larks' Tongues in Aspic and Starless and Bible Black , but in contrast to those albums, Red features more layered production with several guitar overdubs on certain tracks, as well as the return of earlier instrumentation such as saxophone.

Red having a heavier tone was largely due to the influence of the rhythm section of John Wetton and Bill Bruford, which Fripp has referred to as "the flying brick wall".

During the recording of the album, Fripp took a "backseat" when making large decisions. When this idea was met with disinterest, Fripp abruptly disbanded King Crimson on 24 September , and Red was released a month later.

Much of the material on Red has origins in improvisation. Motifs that would eventually be used for "Fallen Angel" were first played by Robert Fripp in , as part of improvs performed with the quintet lineup that would record Larks' Tongues In Aspic.

These improvisations are documented as "Fallen Angel" and "Fallen Angel Hullabaloo" in the Larks' Tongues in Aspic: The Complete Recordings box set, as well as standalone releases of their respective concerts.

One notable performance is titled "The Golden Walnut". Lastly, "Providence" itself was an improv, taken from the group's show on 30 June in Providence, Rhode Island.

It has been included in its uncut form as part of various live sets, such as The Great Deceiver , as well as the 40th Anniversary Edition of Red itself.

In an analysis of the piece by Andrew Keeling , he describes "Red" as "an instrumental piece scored for electric guitar multi-tracked in three layers , bass guitar and drums," as well as "one of the more muscular pieces of Robert Fripp's, in particular the deployment of open strings and heavily attacked and syncopated bass and drums.

The driving, relentless figure that follows it, and the middle figure played by the basses, weren't enough for a complete piece. I said, 'We don't have to use it.

At the time, the piece consisted only of the vocal section of the song, and Wetton claims that it got a "cold reception" from both Robert Fripp and Bill Bruford.

Later, an introductory theme was written by Robert Fripp and performed on violin by David Cross , and two additional sections were added after the vocal, one being contributed by Bruford.

The lyrics went through several iterations, with one early verse later included by Wetton in "Caesar's Palace Blues," a song he would perform with U.

The lyrics to the three songs on the album were not originally included as part of the packaging for the album, unlike all previous Crimson studio albums, which always had lyrics printed either on the inside of the gatefold covers, or on the custom innersleeves.

This led to some occasional confusion amongst listeners about precisely what was being sung, particularly on the song "One More Red Nightmare.

Released in October , Red spent only one week on the British charts, at No. In the United States, it reached No. However, it remained a popular album with fans and critics.

Retrospective reviews were resoundingly positive. In theirs, AllMusic declared Red to be weaker than its two predecessors, but nonetheless a superlative work: "few intact groups could have gotten an album as good as Red together.

The fact that it was put together by a band in its death throes makes it all the more impressive an achievement. Like most of King Crimson's catalogue, Red has been re-released numerous times since its release.

First issued on CD in , it has also been released as part of the Definitive Edition and 30th Anniversary Edition series.

Unlike most others in series, however, Red launched with no new stereo mix. In , Q magazine named Red as one of the "50 Heaviest Albums of All Time" [23] and Pitchfork ranked Red number 72 in its "Top Albums of the s" list, stating that "For a band that was very obviously about to splinter, King Crimson's music sounds remarkably of a single mind.

On Red , they achieved a remarkable balance between bone-crushing brutality and cerebral complexity. Musicologists Eric Tamm and Edward Macan both consider Red , particularly the track " Starless ", to be the highlight of King Crimson's recorded output.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. King Crimson. The Road To Red. DGM Live. Retrieved 12 February Backbeat Books. Discipline Global Mobile.

Retrieved 24 August Song Soup on Sea. Peter Sinfield.

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